Doc Martin

If there was a house DJ in America who could accurately claim to be the most important house DJ working today, it would be Doc Martin. But then, Doc would never accept such a title even if it happens to be true, because Doc is not only a legendary talent but a legendarily humble man.


The Doc began his mission on the decks back in the summer of 1986. His focus on house music from the land of funk and disco, was triggered while playing the club and warehouse scene in San Francisco. As one of the major players in laying the foundations of a strong West Coast dance scene, Doc has always been a master

of mixing the crowd with the music. Neatly avoiding pigeonholing, while embracing a myriad of different styles, his set creates a warm unique vibe of empathy on the dance floor. Doc’s legendary 8 hour sets at Flammable Liquid, Sunday Love, to the most underground lofts and warehouse parties ignore colors, age and sexual orientation. Not only does he regularly devastate dance floors in prestigious clubs like New York’s Twilo and Liverpool’s Cream to the smallest loft parties, but he can also send a crowd of ravers into a euphoric groove. That’s rare these days in a scene where there are sizable walls between the two ends of the dance music spectrum. While most star DJ’s are one-note musicians sticking to a single subgenre of music, Doc’ s live sets bring many styles of music as well as people together. In this age of specialized formats among DJ’s and producers, what sets Martin apart from his peers is his ability to spin everything from deep house, acid, funk, tribal, and classics in a set, while having it all make sense.


Doc is one of the most sought after DJs in America. Constantly touring, he can be found playing records everywhere from England to New Zealand, and everywhere in between. As the first West Coast DJ to ever hold many residencies in New York, he continues to spread the gospel according to Doc. Now residing in L.A. he has begun to spread his vibe through making music in the studio as well as playing it. Remixing The Mighty Dub Katz projects for Nervous Records, as well as original tracks for Moonshine, Shaboom, 99 North, and the ever growing Leaf Recordings to name a few. Doc’s magic continues to grow, whether it is on the turntables or in the studio. He is a future legend of house and loved by thousands all over the world. “Music Over Hype” will always be Doc’s message of love. There are no stars, just dance floors and the ability to tap into their energies.


Doc Martin’s live sets truly bring people together. The variation in his style of music is endless. What makes him so different from the rest? A unique ability to spin everything from deep house vocals that have much depth and meaning to us all in some way, to his funky tribal Bass lines mixed with threads of acid, his passive collection of classics rare records that are only to be heard at his gigs. Doc Martin has developed the respect as a house DJ that so many of us admire. It is this respect that keeps him constantly touring; from New York to London, Japan, and everywhere in between.


He has frequently played and was a resident at such clubs as Fabric (London), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Womb (Tokyo), Sunset Junction (Street Fair Los Feliz), Romania La Mania, Romania DJ Music Awards, DEEP (LA), Telaviv Fetish, Mi Casa Su Casa (Playa Del Carmen), Monster Massive (Los Angeles), Supper Club (SF/Los Angeles), Un Mute (Circo Loco WMC), Sneak Beats WMC, BPM Sutra Sounds WMC, Festival (Playa Del Carmen) Buddha Fest (Los Angeles), Harumi Audio Festival (Tokyo), Funktion (Seoul), World (Kyoto, Japan), Tao (Las Vegas), Holic (London), I am (Manchester), East Village (Jack), 11: 11 (Istanbul), Second Sunday (Mission Rock), Love (New York), Club Heaven (Seoul), Ovum 15yr Anniversary WMC Miami, The Faith 10 Year Anniversary (Garden Festival), Ministry (London), Trouw (Amsterdam),Beta (Denver) , Secret Sundaze (London),Full Circle, Egg (London), East Village (London), Republik (Waterford , Ireland), Mighty (SF), Back to Basics (England Leeds), The End (London) Cielo (New York), Yellow (Japan), Ghost Bar / Sound Bar (Las Vegas), Club 5 (DC), How Sweet it is (Los Angeles), Nocturnal Wonderland (Los Angeles), JuJu beats (Los Angeles), Club 5 (Washington DC), Electric Daisy Carnival (Los Angeles), Ecco (Hollywood), Focus (Costa Mesa), On Broadway (San Diego), Temple (San Francisco), Twilo (New York), Get Down (Denver), MNS (Hollywood), The Park Ultra Lounge (Sacramento) Sound Bar (Chicago), Zentra (Chicago), Sublevel (Los Angeles), Café Del Mar (San Francisco), The Love Parade (San Francisco), Remedy (San Francisco), Seven (Australia) as well as The Basement Jaxx & Daft Punk tour and countless other shows.